Mindset Coach & Speaker

Melissa Wolak is a change-maker, speaker and fierce advocate for cultivating resilience, presence and alignment professionally and personally. The foundation of her work with clients over the past 20 years connects science and soul by incorporating powerful mindset shifts, sustainable lifestyle tools and research based self-care practices. She believes in the value of intentionally choosing your habits, thoughts and beliefs allowing you to evolve and create a life of fulfillment, impact and vitality.

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  • Create a life of meaning and purpose in your own way.
  • Cultivate more curiosity and awareness.
  • Feel more focused, grounded and resilient.
  • Prioritize your needs, health and wellbeing.
  • Take charge and make informed, independent choices based on who you are now.
  • Acknowledge and recognize your worth and quiet the self-doubt and criticism.
  • Recognize and express your feelings without justification, apology or regret.

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Thank you! I went to Melissa because I wanted to become a more articulate and confident speaker. I feel like I now own the words I am saying. Melissa also taught me to slow down. Wow, the impact in my life. I feel more relaxed. I watch people listening to me! I used to be afraid that if I didn't speak faster, people wouldn't listen which I now realize is so untrue. I am so grateful to Melissa for her knowledgeable support and guidance! Life changing sessions, truly.


"Words can not quite express my deep gratitude for Melissa’s support and care. Her grace and skill are boundless. Her compassion and ability to intuitively know and support others is a wonderful gift. Thank you for supporting me on this journey. You have helped me find my way back to myself. You are the most valuable advisor, therapist, guide and healer. "


"Melissa helps me identify the source of the challenges I’m facing and works with me to develop a concrete plan to work through those challenges. This is exceedingly helpful because I tend to get caught into a negative feedback cycle of demanding too much of myself and then being unable to respond and maintain work towards my aspirational goals. She helps me get back on a path to growth that doesn’t overwhelm me. Her perspective is invaluable. With her help, I continue to heal and be able to attain my goals."


"I am a different person because of the paths Melissa introduced me to, and gave me the confidence to go down on my own. I have never been able to connect to myself and discover myself the way Melissa lead me to do. I feel mentally stronger than I ever have before, I have discovered new passions of mine, new interests, new mentalities; I never would have investigated the power of myself if it weren’t for Melissa. Melissa reassured me through exploration of the self. "


"I am so grateful for the time we shared during such a major transition in my life. I am doing so wonderfully! I am the happiest I have been in a long time and I have been nourishing myself in all the right ways. This independence has given me a new found confidence, as well as so many more opportunities to create such nourishing relationships. I feel very aligned with where I’m at, and having you guide me during that transition was incredibly helpful. Thank you! "


"I feel calmer and a lot better than I did before. When I fall into one of the unhelpful thought patterns Melissa and I identified, I can snap myself out of it. I now know how to really breathe and be more mindful. I have trained myself to not dwell on things that cause stress and I can let go to focus at work and with my family. "


"Melissa was a delight to work with and an outstanding spotlight speaker for our online women’s collective. It is apparent that Melissa is a skilled coach, facilitator and truly embodies the teachings and techniques she shares. She was able to create shifts in all of us that were palatable. Articulate, brilliant, funny and an all around all-star speaker! "


"She has helped me establish boundaries in all areas of life, which has helped me tremendously, and to not feel guilty about doing what is best for myself. She has advocated for me and encouraged me to advocate for myself guiltlessly.

Because I lacked a great deal of the knowledge and skills Melissa has taught me, I saw my self-imposed and other-imposed limitations. I now see myself as an integrated and complete woman rather than a partial human being. She has had faith in me and encouraged me to reach for goals I never would have considered. Initially those were quite frightening but now they are exciting. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for how much Melissa has helped me get out of my ruts and move forward. "


"Melissa is such a powerful coach. Her insights and intuition are spot on. She allows you to see parts of your life that you never would have noticed or addressed by yourself."


Create more spaciousness in your day to nourish yourself, your relationships and your work with empowered boundaries.

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