Enjoy More and Stress Less Over the Holidays

Here we are getting ready for the holidays and wondering what this will look in 2020 and how to make it special. Mindset and setting intentions will be helpful in making this a season where you can create meaningful connections, enjoyment, and replenishment despite the changes and challenges.

I was recently invited to speak about the holidays, mindset, and decreasing stress and I want to share a few of the main highlights. 

1. Prioritize, Focus, and Simplify! Decide what is most important, healthy, fun, and safe for you and your family. Ask those you will be celebrating and connecting with too. Make a list and put this where everyone can see it as a reminder.

2. Pay attention to your expectations and old beliefs about how the holiday is “supposed” to be and what you “should” do for the holidays in November and December.. Take an inventory of all that you are handling and making happen right now. Do your previous holiday expectations fit with your life now? If yes, great. If not, it is an opportunity to reassess what matters to you and your loved ones. 

3. Give yourself permission to be OK with doing things differently. This year has brought about so many unexpected changes. Open yourself up to new experiences and ways to celebrate. You may feel that it is time to slow things down and relax, order your meal from a local restaurant and play games. Or it might be time to plan online gatherings, wine tastings, meals, or even game nights virtually if you can not celebrate in-person. 

4. Take time to recharge and replenish your batteries. Now is not the time to deplete yourself and sacrifice your health. Schedule time for nourishment this week and for the weeks that follow. Take breaks, schedule a nap, a bath, get to bed earlier, allow yourself to sleep in, and do not skip meals! 

5. Allow yourself to feel the variety of emotions that are bubbling up – positive and negative. You may feel irritated, frustrated, grateful, sad, or angry (or all of these). Express the emotion, vent, find a way to move the energy through you as opposed to letting it sit in your body as replay stories in your mind that ultimately result in you feeling stuck. One of my favorite solutions is to move or exercise. You can do this on your own or with those you care about- get outside, go for a walk, hike, run, play video games that require you to move, dance, punch pillows, figure out what works best for you when you want to let go of emotions that do not feel good and are holding you back from being present and enjoying yourself. 

I originally created a Holiday Thrive Guide for my clients several years ago. They found the strategies so useful that I wanted to share this updated version with you in order to support you in enjoying a happier and healthier holiday season even if this year is different, we can still make it special and there is no doubt that it will be memorable!

I also want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for each of you in this community. 

I hope you have a nourishing and happy Thanksgiving. As always, reach out to connect if you have questions or want to chat further.

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